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Military Challenge Coins

Why Challenge Coins Are More Than Just a Mere Token

Challenge coins are becoming popular in the modern world as organizations are using them as a way of recognizing the hard work by their employees. The coins have been used for long in the Military as they are used to identify officers who have completed an extraordinary task in comparison with their colleagues, bravery or special adventure. The challenge coins have been utilized in the Army and military for decades as they were first put into use during the first World War and they were used as proof that one was a member of a given military unit. They earned the name challenge coins after they were made the centerpiece of a challenge where one member would request their colleagues to produce their coins. The idea behind the challenge was to ensure that the members should at all times provide their coins as a sign dedication towards their unit. Members of armed forces still carry the challenge coins in the modern days, not to prove membership to a given group but rather as a sign of heritage. The use of the challenge coins in the military is to prove that one belongs to a particular group, mostly of elites, and also serves as a physical reminder of the camaraderie that the members of the group share.


The use of the challenge coins at has been extended from the military as they are also put into use in other organizations. They are utilized in the private organizations as a sign of appreciating the employee's service to the organization. They are also used in the governmental organizations including the Army, Navy and the Air Force to reward the officers for their outstanding service and bravery. The idea is now being used in the private sectors and organizations, and there are special coins which have specific designs for the purpose. The coins are usually plated with valuable metals such as gold, silver and also bronze and the higher the value of the metal the higher the rank of the coin holder. When one is provided with the challenge coins, it signifies that they join another elite group in comparison with their colleagues.


The challenge coins have served to increase the efficiency of the workers by raising their morale. When the officers also feel more confident and appreciated when they are rewarded with the challenge coins to join a higher rank than their current rank, click here to know more!


Primarily, in the Army, Navy, and also in the Air Force the challenge coins are used to recognize an officer or a group of officers for their bravery and an extraordinary adventure. For more facts and info about challenge coins, Visit